From Dana White to Tai Tuivasa: Inside F1 Star Daniel Ricciardo's Relationship with UFC 264

Daniel Ricciardo was an ardent follower of boxing in childhood. However, in recent years the Australian's love for combat shifted more toward mixed martial arts.

He rarely misses a fight night and listens to multiple MMA podcasts.

Daniel Ricciardo had a video chat with UFC president Dana White ahead of the UFC 245. The Australian takes some time out of his hectic schedule and attends UFC events. He ranks UFC 189 as the greatest sporting event where McGregor defeated Chad Mendes.

Daniel and Dana discusses UFC

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Daniel retweeted a video of fighters, Tai Tuivasa and Cub Swanson performing a Shoey. The Shoey must have been an Australian tradition, as a few other sportspersons performed the same act.

Daniel shared a video of Tai 

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Ricciardo himself is notorious for his Shoeys whenever he won a race, where he took off one of his boots, poured champagne, and drank from the shoe.

Ricciardo and his shoeys 

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Ricciardo learned the sport of boxing from a friend who fought as an amateur growing up, but in 2011 he shifted to MMA inclining himself to the ever-growing craze of UFC.

Ricciardo's first encounter

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If Ricciardo is unable to watch the fight live, then he’s definitely going to watch the replay or buy it later. The Australian prefers to watch MMA between the races in order to get his mind away from racing.

Die Heart MMA Fan

Ricciardo would like to race former UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion, Conor McGregor. In addition, the Irish mixed martial artist loves cars. 

Daniel would love to race McGregor

According to Daniel Ricciardo, Alpine F1 reserve driver, Daniil Kvyat would be the best F1 fighter as he was engaged in quite a lot of boxing last year for his training.

Kvyat the best F1 fighter

Daniel Ricciardo is an adrenaline junky, just as most F1 drivers on the grid are.

 The Australian wishes to do charity boxing one day in order to feel the adrenaline of walking to a ring.

Daniel Ricciardo has previously invited the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton to a charity fight in 2016 after watching the latter “hitting pads” on social media. But the Brit turned down the offer.

Daniel invited Lewis for a fight

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen were teammates for two years at Red Bull and the Australian believes Verstappen would be a good competitor in the ring because of his stubborn nature.

Max will be a good competitor

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